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Indenting is nothing but a sourcing of products & services from oversease suppliers. Indentor who facilitates the deal on behalf of foreign supplier, and for that he charges the commision to supplier in hard currency like US Dollar, Euro, etc.

In this course, the trainer explains the definition of indenting through local-to-local, reverse indenting (export) & international indenting (third country to third country)

India exports approximately 7500 commodities to about 190 countries, and imports around 6000 commodities from 140 countries. India exported US$318.2 billion and imported $462.9 billion worth of commodities in 2014.

Through secular growth over the last three financial years, following the major downturn in the face of the global slowdown, merchandise exports for the year 2018-19(P) reached USD 330.07 Billion, the highest ever, surpassing the earlier peak of USD 314.4 Billion achieved in 2013-14. This has been achieved in a challenging global environment.

Despite a challenging global environment, reflected in sluggish economic and trade growth and rising protectionism, India's total exports (goods and services combined) have been growing on a secular basis since 2016-17 for the last three years and have surpassed the USD half Trillion (500 Billion) mark in 2018-19, for the first time. The overall estimated exports (merchandise and services) have reached a new peak of USD 535.9 billion this year, attaining a growth of 7.47%.

The main objective of the training program is to provide the practical and accurate knowledge to highlight the Indenting Business in India. India is a developing country and the main growing sectors and Industries of India are Engineering Goods, Petroleum Products, Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Cotton Yarn/Fabs./made-ups, Handloom Products etc., Electronic Goods, Plastic & Linoleum and many other reputed sectors and industries. Some of the major Industries and sectors are depends on their raw materials from overseas countries and which are coming through import from all over the world. Also the finished goods are exported to those countries, which are uncapable to produce them. And do you know? These transactions are worth of billion dollers as stated above.

Benefits of Indenting Business

  • Training changes the core skills and competencies of a person. So, it makes a trainee to be equipped with some more efficient and effective to do his job perfectly.
  • Training has benefited us to give more practical knowledge for our regular works to do in an effective way and Tranees can earn the Foreign Earning through Indenting Business.
  • To improve skills of trainees on Export-Import-Indenting related jobs effectively.
  • Trainees will learn about International Business followed by the related documents like Commercial & Banking (L/C), Shipping, Insurance, etc.
  • This is a professional course and it will help the trainees to get the respective jobs in Export-Import Organization, Indenting House, and many other sectors in India and Abroad.
  • More than 300 participants have benefitted from the course. And some of them already started tasting the magical touch of International Indenting.

Methodology & Course Contents

  • The course will be live interactive webinar and with Power Point Slides, in which you can ask questions and clear your doubts with Trainer.
  • General Introduction to Indenting
  • Benefits of Indenting Business
  • Why Import Happens?
  • What To Import?
  • Choose Products, Customers & Buyers
  • Market Survey
  • Shortlist Products, Customers & Buyers
  • What are Indents?
  • Why & How to take Indents?
  • Process, Steps & Required Documentation in Indenting
  • Bank Transactions, etc.
  • Practical Case Studies & Experience Sharing.